Trying to understand reality and spirituality without a big picture understanding is like trying to put a puzzle together without the picture on the box.

The goal of The Spiritual Puzzle Project is not to tell you what to believe, it is to help you increase your Spiritual Literacy, and understand the Big Picture on the box, so you can figure out where your piece fits in, The Spiritual Puzzle.

My new book is called  A Christian’s Guide to Speaking Secular

To teach someone a second language the teacher must have command of both languages. To teach someone about the depth and beauty of the Christian message it helps to be able to explain it in the secular language most people can understand.

The book translates deep spiritual insights from the Gospels into common language through historical, psychological and Biblical references.  A Christian’s Guide describes the Christian message as: “The history of the spiritual consciousness development of the human race”.  It analyzes how Judeo- Christian beliefs have impacted the development of the individual’s and the social spiritual consciousness throughout human history.

Whether  you believe none, some, or all, of the Christian message this book will help you understand the role of Christianity has played in the development of human spiritual consciousness throughout history.

The book will also help you understand how your own individual spiritual consciousness works and develops. and it will help you be comfortable being able to discuss “spirituality” with other people.